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Dolphin 26 (not manufactured) | Schäfer Yacht

    Dolphin 26 (not manufactured)

    DOLPHIN 26

    In 1995 after purchasing and adapting the plans the Dolphin 26 was introduced to the public on the Budapest Boat Show. Our goal was to build a new type of boat that is sporty, stiff, has outstanding performance with reasonable comfort and price. The boat has been a great success, more than 70 units have been sold.

    Great competition results such as winning its category and 9th place in the overall rankings of the Marina Cup, third place in the Hungarian Nationals in the AX class in 1996, 1997, 1998 shows the performance potential of the model. The independent Dolphin class was born in 2000.

    Full length: 8 m
    Waterline length: 6,50 m
    Beam: 2,85 m
    Displacement: 2,1 t
    Keel weight touring version (draft 0,9m): 0,75 t
    Keel weight racing version (draft 1,5m): 0,7 t
    Mast height: 10,73 m
    Mainsail: 21,50 m2
    Genoa: 20,00 m2
    Fock: 14 m2
    Storm fock: 8 m2
    Spinnaker: 52 m2
    Berths: 5 – 6 person










    Destined for success

    The interior is seamless. Mahogany joynery is perfect. The feel is far from being in an old wardrobe. Behind the door of the focsle one can find enough room to lie down, while another two can sleep in the open after cabin. The salon has space for an adult and child to sleep. There is a separate toilet and also a small galey. There is enough room to move around confortably. Chart table is optional in the boat that built for the Lake Balaton.

    We had the opportunity to test the boat in force 6-7 wind. It behaved outstandingly from its class: stiff and faster in close reaching than a much bigger boat. In broad reach it gets to its limits and reaches hull speed easily that is evident only in comparison with thirty something footers.