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P15 (not manufactured) | Schäfer Yacht

    P15 (not manufactured)


    P15 is a 15 class jolle that Győző Simongáti dreamed and designed for himself. It is the little sister of the D38, which was the first is unknown even for him. The boat is exactly meets the hungarian class regulations. Its style is mixture of the lines of the old 15 class jolle and the modern bigger-than 50 footer boats’ design elements. Designed for Lake Balaton it has room for 4 persons in the interior and bigger cockpit than the old 15 class boats have. Light sandviched structure, structural interior furniture and simple handling when sailing all speaks out for racing. The boat is for an owner who expects beauty, willing to compromise a little comfort, loves Balaton and lake sailing and the boat is not just a symbol of status for him.