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Velence 25-26 (not manufactured) | Schäfer Yacht

    Velence 25-26 (not manufactured)

    Velence 25-26

    Győző Simongáti started the design development of this classic beauty in 2003 initiated by Zoltán Csőregh. Schafer Yacht ivolved in the development of the tools, molds and the first prototype. Minor changes after the first trials were shortly folowed by serial production and soon the introduction of the new 26 footer. Boats were also produced from carbon composite by PAUGER that were inherently lighter and with a bigger engine considerably faster. Production has been continued until 2007 at our company.

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    Name warrants the Velencei lake, boat was produced for use in Balaton lake but the biggest success came from West-European lakes.

    Introduction of the new Velence 26’ was held at Balaton lake, at the elegant pier of Silver Resort in Balatonfüred.

    First impresson: the boat fits well to the elegant environment so I suspect it will not be a disgrace of its owner on Wörther or Chiemsee lakes.

    Mahogany cover on the front deck combined with light ash sets the scene and style. This is further emphasized by the fittings, dashboard, steering wheel and general appearance. This retro boat highly resembles to the famous Riva Aquarama from the sixties.

    It is only style that originates in a past era. Construction materials and technical details are up to date. The carbon hull is a pride of its builder – Pauger. Electric motor and electronics is a world leading slovenian-german innovation. Performance is 40kW at 235V, cooling is provided by a closed oil circuit filled with bio degradable oil.

    Powerboat appearance is just an illusion. This boat is not a real powerboat. Just start with the noise, there is no noise at all. Leaving the docks is like a silent film. In spite of moderate performance acceleration is still rapid thanks to the high torque of the power plant. Noise drops behind the scene, the only that remains is the song of the birds and the noise of the interested crowd. Top speed is close to 30 km/h so it reminds us too that we are not in a powerboat. It is especially true if we look at range figures, it can keep its optimal 10km/h speed as long as 4-5 hours. Stability surpises us, two hundred kilograms of battery in the midle of the boat acts as a kiel ballast in the otherwise inherently stabil flat bottomed boat. Conclusion is that this boat is more of a sailboat than a powerboat. Sales figures also show that buyers are not buying it as a substitute powerboat. This is true in the local market and the foreign too.

    The boat in planing mode is also reminiscent more of a sailboat. Hull is incrediably light, just little more than 300 kg. Biggest percentage is the battery package in the engine room. The boat bounces playfuly on the waves showing a dinghylike experience. What a feeling!

    Technical Data

    Full length: 7,65 m
    Beam: 2,45 m
    Dive: 0,45 m
    Weight: 1,5 t
    Power: 2 x 12 kW
    Berths: 7 persons